Wedding Photography at Wedgewood Fallbrook

May 29, 2012  •  1 Comment

You can see in the wedding photography below captured at Wedgewood in Fallbrook California that Summer’s dream wedding came to life! It was an amazing day at this Fallbrook wedding venue filled with laughter, smiles, tears, hugs, and kisses.  Summer and James have an awesome circle of friends and family and I really enjoyed capturing their collection of wedding memories. Thanks to all who Liked Anibaldi Photography on Facebook, I really appreciate it.


My favorite part of the day was probably getting to capture the bridal part photos on the bridge at Wedgewood. The light was glistening softly through the trees and everyone was smiling and happy. It was just one of those times that I realize how lucky I am to be getting to capture such a happy time in their lives. And when I pressed the shutter I knew that moment was going to be relived many many times long after this day.

Two other moments really stood out in my mind when capturing this collection of Wedding Photography at Wedgewood in Fallbrook. The first was when James took Summer’s hand during the ceremony, It was just a really heavy moment and everyone could tell that something that God had planned long ago was about to come to life. Its difficult to describe, but as you can see in the wedding ceremony pictures, it was a very special moment. The second part of the wedding that really stood out to me was James’ mother’s speech. It was a very long list of random one liners that spelled out hundreds of experiences and memories of James’ life. Some were funny, some were sad, but I think it pretty much summed up James’ life in the matter of minutes and it was pretty powerful.

I also want to thank Melissa for doing an awesome job as second shooter. Many of the images below are hers and the ones that aren’t wouldn’t have been possible without all of her help behind the scenes. Thanks Mel!

001-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 002b-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 002-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 003-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 004-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 005-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 007-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 008-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 009-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 010-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 011-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 013-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 014-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 015-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 016-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 018-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 019-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 020-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 021-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 022-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 023b-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 023-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 024-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 025-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 026-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 027-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 029-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 031-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 032-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 033-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 034b-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 034c-_James Summer_Wedding 036-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 037-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 038-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 039-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 040-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 041-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 042-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 043-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 044-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 045-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 046-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 047-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 048-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography 520_James Summer_Wedding 520b-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography-2 520c-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography-3 532_James Summer_Wedding 533_James Summer_Wedding 535_James Summer_Wedding 536_James Summer_Wedding 539_James Summer_Wedding 552_James Summer_Wedding 565_James Summer_Wedding 568_James Summer_Wedding 573_James Summer_Wedding 574_James Summer_Wedding 575_James Summer_Wedding 577_James Summer_Wedding 579_James Summer_Wedding 028-WEDGEWOOD_FALLBROOK-wedding-photography

If you are getting married and would also like to have Anibaldi Photography capture a collection of heartfelt wedding images, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Amazing pictures, especially the last one!
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