Keyways Winery Wedding Photography in Temecula

August 02, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Corey and Corinne’s wedding at Keyways Winery in Temecula was a pleasure to photograph! Ever since I first met them they made me feel like family and I felt that same warmth the entire day. I’m so blessed for clients like this that turn into friends. And I’m so happy they found each other because they are definitely a a perfect match!

157-Corinne Corey_Wedding

The day went real smooth and I was so impressed with every little detail. It was like someone had thought of everything and made sure it was perfect. In fact Corinne’s mom crafted many of the wedding goodies, like the cake, veil, money dance bag and so many other things I cant name them all. The music was also great. I especially loved hearing Dutch play and sing with his guitar during the first dance. I even noticed a few people crying, it was a very special time!

The staff made capturing Keyways Winery Wedding Photography so easy! The venue features gorgeous vineyards, lush landscaping, nice fountains, archways covered in vines and scenic views of the mountains. The staff is also top notch, I was very impressed with their wedding coordinator, Annette. She really put in in 110% effort in planning this amazing wedding in Temecula wine country!

Congrats again Corey and Corinne!001-Corinne Corey_Wedding 003-Corinne Corey_Wedding 005-Corinne Corey_Wedding 018-Corinne Corey_Wedding 021-Corinne Corey_Wedding 027-Corinne Corey_Wedding 030-Corinne Corey_Wedding 031-Corinne Corey_Wedding 042-Corinne Corey_Wedding 043-Corinne Corey_Wedding 054-Corinne Corey_Wedding 058-Corinne Corey_Wedding 067-Corinne Corey_Wedding 071-Corinne Corey_Wedding 076-Corinne Corey_Wedding 079-Corinne Corey_Wedding 089-Corinne Corey_Wedding 091-Corinne Corey_Wedding 099-Corinne Corey_Wedding 117-Corinne Corey_Wedding 127-Corinne Corey_Wedding 132-Corinne Corey_Wedding 133-Corinne Corey_Wedding 135-Corinne Corey_Wedding 143-Corinne Corey_Wedding 145-Corinne Corey_Wedding 162-Corinne Corey_Wedding 165-Corinne Corey_Wedding 169-Corinne Corey_Wedding 174-Corinne Corey_Wedding 184-Corinne Corey_Wedding 185-Corinne Corey_Wedding 194-Corinne Corey_Wedding 196-Corinne Corey_Wedding 207-Corinne Corey_Wedding 208-Corinne Corey_Wedding 214-Corinne Corey_Wedding 262-Corinne Corey_Wedding 290-Corinne Corey_Wedding 296-Corinne Corey_Wedding 303-Corinne Corey_Wedding 318-Corinne Corey_Wedding 320-Corinne Corey_Wedding 332-Corinne Corey_Wedding 336-Corinne Corey_Wedding 344-Corinne Corey_Wedding 351-Corinne Corey_Wedding 359-Corinne Corey_Wedding 395-Corinne Corey_Wedding 432-Corinne Corey_Wedding 445-Corinne Corey_Wedding 458-Corinne Corey_Wedding 470-Corinne Corey_Wedding 478-Corinne Corey_Wedding 479-Corinne Corey_Wedding 480-Corinne Corey_Wedding 481-Corinne Corey_Wedding 484-Corinne Corey_Wedding 486-Corinne Corey_Wedding 496-Corinne Corey_Wedding 514-Corinne Corey_Wedding 516-Corinne Corey_Wedding 531-Corinne Corey_Wedding 546-Corinne Corey_Wedding 554-Corinne Corey_Wedding 556-Corinne Corey_Wedding 200-Corinne Corey_Wedding


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